Self-Propelled Drillship for India Completed By Hitachi's Osaka Works

completed selfpropelled

The self-propelled, anchormoored drillship Sagar Vijay, built for the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) of India, was completed recently at Hitachi Zosen's Osaka (Sakai) Works. Immediately following delivery, the vessel sailed for India, where it will be placed in drilling service off Bombay.

The Sagar Vijay is the first drillship built by Hitachi Zosen. It was designed and constructed under license of Gusto Engineering C.V. of the Netherlands. The vessel has an overall length of 448.8 feet, beam of 80.4 feet, depth of 36.75 feet, and draft of 22 feet. Propulsion is by four 1,000-hp dc motors driving twin screws for a speed of 10 knots. The drillship is capable of operating in water of up to 984 feet deep, and can drill to a maximum depth of 19,685 feet. Designed to withstand harsh weather and sea conditions, it can operate in waves up to almost 15 feet high and maximum wave height of 61 feet.

Built to American Bureau classification, the ship contains drilling equipment, diving apparatus, eightpoint mooring system to maintain position, and other special facilities. Total complement is 108 persons.

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