TBW Industries Gets $5-Million Order For SMATCO Deck Equipment

A $5-million contract for SMATCO deck equipment and Pnu- Tanks has been signed by TBW Industries of Houma, La., which will provide the equipment for MacLaren Shipyard of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. MacLaren is currently building 14 supply boats on orders placed by Brazilian offshore operators.

Announcement of the contract was made by R.M. Thompson, president of TBW Industries, who said the major items to be supplied will be windlasses, tuggers, waterfall anchor-handling winches, and pneumatic bulk tanks.

The contract is one of three recently signed by TBW Industries with Brazilian companies.

Ebin-So Shipyard of Porto Alegre has contracted for a major shipment of SMATCO constant-tension winches, and Dresser of Brazil has ordered four horizontal tanks.

All of the equipment included in the three orders is manufactured in Brazil through licensing agreements with TBW licensees CEC Equipamentos Maritimos and Irmaos Strauhs.

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